The Theory of Everything

The Sixth Form Journal

Redmayne as Hawking (Universal Pictures 2015) Redmayne as Hawking (Universal Pictures 2015)

In many ways, The Theory of Everything is a misleading title for the biopic of Stephen Hawking. Not least because his theory, which primarily concerns itself with the nature of black holes and ‘space-time singularities’, is not about ‘everything’. Academically, the film tracks Hawking’s study of cosmology – starting with his PhD thesis and culminating in his world-famous book, A Brief History of Time. It shows how he thought about the world, how he discussed the world, how he wrote about the world, and how he changed the world.

But there is another reason. The film is not really about his theory. It is not a screen adaptation of the pioneering theoretical physics that Hawking produced. It is the story of a man, his wife, and his lifelong struggle with motor neurone disease. It is told not from the perspective of the maths…

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