TV Review: Wolf Hall Episode 2

The Indiependent

Given the media furore over Wolf Hall over the last two weeks, one hardly needed to watch the show. Each second of film has been analysed, re-analysed and debated by pundits from various walks of journalism, history, and television. It’s made an impact bigger than Henry himself.

After the character introductions and “oh, God, it’s Mark Gatiss” of the first episode, the second hour of Wolf Hall brought with it some juicy developments worthy of discussion. Like a slightly awkward autobiographical film, some major future plot-points were gestured to in a somewhat forced way by the dialogue. Suffolk, most notably, confides in Cromwell that a “world where Wolsey falls can be a world where Cromwell can be the king’s right hand”. Given the obvious trajectory of the story and Cromwell’s own political nouse, Suffolk left characters and audience alike consistent in their reaction: well, duh. 

Jane Seymour, the future Queen…

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