Cameron is bike crash hero: that’s PM’s son, 11

Sunday Times, 2nd April 2017

The former prime minister may have riled “remain” supporters by holding the EU referendum but David Cameron’s son Elwen has been hailed a hero for his reactions when a cyclist fell from her bike.

The 11-year-old boy and three of his friends have been praised for their quick thinking and cool heads after the accident on March 10 near their school in Kensington, west London.

Elwen witnessed the accident and called the emergency services. Three members of the public later visited his school — St Mary Abbots Primary — to say how impressed they were by the actions of the four boys.

According to one witness, the pupils took control of the situation, called an ambulance, explained the cyclist’s condition over the phone to the emergency services and waited until an adult took charge.

Nicola Doyle, the school’s head teacher, said: “The boys demonstrated quick thinking and calmness under pressure in a challenging situation.

“Though emergency services are not able to [discuss the condition of] the individual patient, the pupils are to be commended for their maturity and doing the right thing to help. We join the pupils in wishing the person a speedy recovery.”

The school is an oversubscribed Church of England primary which acts as a feeder for top private schools in the capital. Elwen is the second of the Cameron children to go there after his sister Nancy, 13.

David Cameron has described himself as a regular worshipper at St Mary Abbots Church, next door to the school, and his wife, Samantha, has helped to edit the parish newsletter.

David Cameron’s spokesman declined to comment.


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