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Sajid Javid “should have been out on his ear”, says Lord Patten

Cherwell, 6th November 2016

Cabinet minister Sajid Javid should have been sacked by Theresa May for his criticism of the High Court ruling on Brexit, Lord Patten has said.

Patten’s comments came on Peston on Sunday, in which he sharply criticised the Communities Secretary for his public view that the court was wrong for its ruling that the UK Parliament should be consulted before Brexit. Continue reading Sajid Javid “should have been out on his ear”, says Lord Patten


Trinity freshers drunk and chanting during matriculation

Cherwell, 21st October 2016

Trinity College freshers were asked on Tuesday to make a charitable donation of ten pounds, to account for their “disgraceful behaviour” at Saturday’s matriculation ceremony.

In an email addressed to all undergraduate freshers, Trinity Dean Professor Jonathan Mallinson firmly condemned the actions of the freshers, whom he claimed behaved in a “noisy and undignified manner”, which he also described as “neither appropriate, clever nor funny”.

Freshers sang ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Wonderwall’ and chanted “what do we think of Merton?” at other colleges’ students inside the Sheldonian. One Trinity first-year told Cherwell that “this was interspersed with Mexican waves and lots of stamping”.

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Oxford stands silent in memory of Jo Cox MP

Cherwell, 18th June 2016

Hundreds of students and townspeople of Oxford stood in a vigil in Radcliffe Square on the 18th June in memory of Jo Cox MP, who was shot and stabbed in her Yorkshire constituency on Thursday.

The vigil, which brought a crowd of around 250 people, was organised in association with Oxford University Labour Club. In a statement, a spokesperson for OULC said that its members were “deeply shocked and saddened” to hear of her death.

She was described as a “hardworking, passionate and dedicated Member of Parliament” who “died whilst doing her public duty”. Continue reading Oxford stands silent in memory of Jo Cox MP

Yes To NUS Facebook likes soar in suspicious circumstances

Cherwell, 20th May 2016

In a new development this morning in the battle over Oxford’s referendum on NUS membership, questions have been raised over the overnight increase in Facebook likes on the ‘Yes to NUS Oxford’ campaign’s page.

The page, which as of 17.30 on May 20 had 2,100 likes, gained 1,144 in the week commencing May 16 and over 800 on May 20 alone. As the graph below shows, the majority of that number was gained overnight on the May 19, giving the page a boost of 92 per cent on the previous week’s gain. This amounts to five likes a minute.

Facebook SSResearch by Cherwell found that only 656 people who have liked the page have established countries on their Facebook profiles, according to a social media analytics site, contributing less than 40 per cent of people who have liked the group.

Séan Ó Néill, Yes to NUS social media manager said, “We are as amused as anyone to see these numbers. We’ve contacted the RO and are working out how best to make sure that all our support is as genuine as the support we have from liberation groups, the OUSU President, Target Schools, and so many more.”

The addition of such a number of likes in a short space of time also raises questions about the expenditure of the Yes to NUS campaign, which according to OUSU Standing Orders is capped at £230.

The controversy comes just days after the formal appointment of ‘No Thanks, NUS’ to lead the no vote side and ‘Yes to NUS’ to argue for remaining in the national union.

The appointment of the campaigns marks a two week long campaigning period before the referendum in sixth week.

If OUSU wants to be taken seriously, it should let us see what it’s up to

Cherwell, 15th May 2016

It was Otto von Bismarck who declared that there are only two things in the world you should never see being made: laws and sausages. And if you believe the rumours about our Prime Minister’s time here, there’s more than enough pork flying around at Oxford.

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