Most of my freelance writing has been for the Daily Telegraph, where I am currently on the paper’s Editorial Graduate Programme. You can see my author profile here. There is a selection of my work below.



Exam boards launch review as parents exploit mental health loophole to get students extra time | The Telegraph, 14th August 2018 (Page 1)

Hammond urged not to launch “tax attack” on second home owners with new buy-to-let levy | The Telegraph, 5th August 2018

Cash is no longer king as pensioners buy into contactless revolution | The Telegraph, 18th June 2018 (Page 1)

Oxford University ‘must investigate sexual harassment by staff on students’ amid fears of unreported cases | The Telegraph, 16th June 2018 (Page 1)

Theresa May poised to give NHS £4bn-a-year boost funded by Brexit dividend, borrowing and income tax | The Telegraph, 14th June 2018 (Page 1)

Exclusive: University students turn to dark web for performance enhancing ‘smart drugs’ |i News, 7th May 2018

Can Indian rickshaws survive in a green and Uber-ised world? | CityMetric, 7th August 2017

Let students use study drugs and let’s sell them at Boots, says Cambridge scientist | The Independent, 24th June 2017

Criminals make a pile with fake recycling depots | The Sunday Times, 2nd April 2017

Cameron is bike crash hero: that’s PM’s son, 11 |The Sunday Times, 2nd April 2017

MP Carswell votes ‘leave’ – by walking out on Ukip | The Sunday Times, 26th March 2017

Here’s What George Osborne’s Student Journalism Was Like | BuzzFeed News, 18th March 2017

NUS Presidential candidate claims the far left have ‘hijacked’ the student organisation | The Independent, 13th March 2017

Trump Will Work “Very Closely” With Theresa May, Says Former Campaign Manager | BuzzFeed News, 16th November 2016



The NUS’s latest stunt is leaving students worse off | The Spectator, 14th August 2017

While the paper’s whine about Oxbridge debauchery, student altruism gets ignored | The Telegraph, 1st March 2017

The NUS’ survey boycott is rash and destructive – it should reconsider or risk betraying its members | The Telegraph, 23rd January 2017

Sorry Giles, that’s not the Oxford I know | The Telegraph, 16th December 2016



Facebook video on solo climbing [Editor]| Channel 4 News, September 2016

Radio package on Brexit fallout in Cambridgeshire [Producer for Mark Mardell] | BBC Radio 4 The World This Weekend, 17th July 2016

Radio package on education in Shanghai  [Producer and Reporter]| BBC Radio Suffolk, 29th October 2014