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Here’s what George Osborne’s student journalism was like

BuzzFeed, 18th March 2017

Co-bylined with Jim Waterson, BuzzFeed UK Political Editor

Former chancellor George Osborne has been appointed editor of the Evening Standard, despite limited experience in journalism. His most notable achievements in the media world were his unsuccessful applications for graduate jobs at The Times and The Economist, followed by a short stint on the Daily Telegraph’sformer diary column before he went to work for the Conservatives.

But while studying at the University of Oxford in the early 1990s he was much more active in journalism, editing a student magazine called Isis – which at that the time did not share its name with a terrorist organisation. Copies of Osborne’s editions of the magazine have vanished from Oxford libraries, but BuzzFeed News has located copies nevertheless.

Here’s what they tell us about Osborne the journalist.

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