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Thanks for clicking on this link to view some more of my cuttings. Pasting links onto a CV isn’t the best way to showcase my work, so I’ve put together a list of some of the journalism I’m most proud of below, with some details about the stories.

The rest of this website is filled with my work, so do have a look around, but there are shortcuts to news writing here and broadcast work here.

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Work for The Telegraph

I have had more than sixty bylines in The Telegraph, many of which have been national exclusives. From Oxford, I’ve been working closely with the education desk for two years, reporting on stories that crop up in the student press or that I’ve sourced myself.

Fortunately, stories about Oxford are often popular, which has given me a great opportunity to write news about the University or report on student events that happen here. The Oxford Union regularly hosts important speakers, and I’ve written up pieces about Baroness Chakrabarti’s comments on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, Derek Jacobi on Strictly Come Dancing and Marc Jacobs on political correctness in the fashion industry.


In January 2018, I spent a week on work experience at The Telegraph, where I worked on a number of stories including an exclusive on Sam Gyimah’s university days, which I found though archival research of his first forays into politics as a student.

I also worked on a story about a national flu vaccine shortage with the paper’s Health Correspondent, Henry Bodkin, which became the splash in the Saturday paper.

Following my work on that story, I was asked to return to work on the news desk as a casual shift worker at weekends, where I worked on stories about a Bitcoin robbery and Jacob Rees-Mogg being attacked.

The rest of my work for the Telegraph can be found here, on my author page.

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Other Clippings

I have worked at a number of other newspapers and broadcasters. Here are some of my clippings from work experience and freelancing elsewhere.

For The Independent, I wrote an exposé of  study drugs at universities, with exclusive comments from a leading neuroscientist and testimonials from students around the country.

While in India reporting on the battle against leprosy, I also wrote for the New Statesman’s digital tech and infrastructure blog, CityMetric, on the future of the Indian tuk-tuk.

For BuzzFeed news, I have broken two national exclusive stories. One, on Corey Lewandowski, led the worldwide front page for 12 hours. The other came after George Osborne’s appointment to the editorship of The Evening Standard: I raced Fleet Street to find the missing copies of his ‘hemp’ edition of a student magazine, and won.

In broadcasting, I have had a producing credit on the BBC’s ‘World This Weekend’ programme, for a package on Brexit in Cambridgeshire uploaded to Soundcloud here. For Channel 4, I produced several news videos for output on Facebook, using the Adobe Creative Suite of Premiere Pro and After Effects to create interesting pictures while conforming to a strict house style. I also recently featured on one of The Telegraph’s lunchtime broadcast bulletins for Alexa and Google Home devices, talking about a story on women in university exams.

Lastly, my small contribution of comment journalism has made its way to the pages of The Telegraph’s education blog, the Spectator’s Coffee House and the Times Educational Supplement.

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